TRU FIT BOOTCAMP is for those looking to lose weight and improve their overall health and fitness. TRU FIT BOOTCAMP classes provide all the necessary tools you will need to burn fat and lose inches. TRU FIT BOOTCAMP classes use fitness expert Ditanyon Demps groundbreaking strategies and formulas that push individuals to find their TRU inner strength, mentally and physically, keeping to Ditanyon’s mission of leaving no muscle behind. Ditanyon’s groundbreaking routines incorporate: stretching, aerobic cardio, power training, calisthenics, speed drills, circuit training, strength and endurance exercises, core Pilates fusion and isolated abdominal training. Unlike other bootcamps that become boring after just a few weeks, TRU FIT BOOTCAMP never does the same routine twice. This strategy not only keeps you from getting bored, but also creates muscle confusion that stimulates muscle growth thus allowing you to continually burn fat and tone muscles never reaching a plateau.

TRU FIT BOOTCAMP programs are formulated to fit the needs of every fitness level from beginners to experienced fitness enthusiast and athletes. Whatever your requirements are, TRU FIT BOOTCAMP has a class and a program that will fit your needs.


Hi, I’m Ditanyon Demps, Owner and Fitness Instructor of the TRU FIT BOOTCAMP. For over a decade, I have helped hundreds of clients overcome their struggles in the area of health and fitness. I know what it’s like to struggle so hard with a diet and exercise program only to fall short of success. I have dealt with every fad diet on the market and have guided people from every walk of life in developing a healthy lifestyle they could achieve and maintain. I lost my father to diabetes as a young boy and have been on a quest ever since to help people overcome their fears and struggles in the areas of health and fitness.

I made it my mission to understand how to exercise correctly and effectively and also how to help people overcome the mental battles associated with weight loss. I have made myself the guinea pig in many areas, practicing many techniques for weight loss, until I developed my winning formula. I not only teach these amazing techniques and formulas, but I also live them daily. These techniques are taught in my classes. We make learning these techniques not only fun, but also teach them in a progressive manner that makes your fitness goals seem more attainable and maintainable. These techniques, when executed properly, are guaranteed to give you the results you’ve been looking for. Take advantage of my special web offer, and let me show you how you can have the body others talk and dream about!