Tru Fit Jr


Hey Tru Fit Boot Campers and Parents!

We will be re-launching our Tru Fit Jr’s Bootcamp Starting in July.

Our last 8-week program was a huge success. I loved seeing all the Tru Fitparents get involved by helping our next generation understand the importance of exercise.

I personally found the most satisfaction by having my kids involved in the program. They not only started to understand what Daddy does at work but it gave us fun dinner table conversations.

We talked about healthy food versus bad food and exercise. And I must admit once they had this knowledge they called me out a time or two when I stepped out of line.

It’s hard to say “just do as I say, not as I do”, to kids as they learn best by watching our actions.

I believe the earlier you can get your kids to develop a positive association with healthy eating and fitness they will have an easier time fostering these habits and beliefs as an adult.

So if your kids are ready to start developing good health eating and activity habits. The Tru Fit Bootcamp Jr’s is the best place to start.

To get your kids registered please email Jessica or call (818) 345-5377.

Here is how it will work:

•Kids ages 5-13 (kids under this age will have to go through a 10 minute fittest with me to participate)

•8 week program

•Two 30-minute classes per week

•Classes are every Monday and Wed at 4:30pm-5:00pm

•We have programs for one session a week or two.

Class space is limited!

The safety of each kid is my top priority and we must limit the amount of kids able to attend.

To save your spot on the roster, please contact Jessica or call us at 818-345-5377.