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List of Pre-Approved Foods
Ditanyon’s list of pre-approved foods that will help you rapidly melt unwanted pounds off your waist and hips
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2 sample meal plans to use as a guide in preparing your daily meals
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Ditanyon’s top 10 secrets to ultimate weight loss
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Take advantage of our special web offer, now, and you be rewarded with a free TRU FIT BOOTCAMP T-shirt. Take action today! Enter your name and credit card information below. One of my staff members or I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your free fitness assessment and your first class.

If you’ve been looking to drop 50lbs, burn off that last nagging 5-10lbs or just want to find a fun fitness program you can stick with, then this is the program for you.
2Review Schedule
Review the class schedule to find which days and times work best for you. Though I offer classes six days a week, don’t feel pressured to come everyday. My programs are so dynamic and effective that you can still experience great results with only three classes per week (some clients have even received results in as little as two classes per week).

If you are new to fitness, I suggest you start at three classes a week then work your way up as you become more fit and accustomed to the workouts.
3Fitness Consultation
During this consultation, you will fill out our liability waiver. We will discuss your fitness goals and any pre-existing injuries or limitations that we need to be made aware of in order to assure you are able to safely participate in the program.

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