Customer Reviews

Fernando C. October 3, 2018

I will admit that it was quit intimidating when I first arrived Since I knew nothing about strength training or lifting weights . It honestly surprised me that the TRU FIT community is filled with great people who encourage you to reach your goals . The classes are so fun and there’s always something different going on everyday . Christina is my favorite coach! I highly recommend you try it !

Felix K.

Los Angeles, CA 2/15/2018

Before TRU FIT I had went to other bootcamps for over a year. All were good but TRU FIT is by far the most consistently methodical. Whether you attend a half hour class or one of the several hour long classes you will find that each class has one or two specific purposes that day (particular muscle group, for example)  and the exercises will be specifically structured with that purpose in mind. The instructors are all good. Even when there are 20 people working out the instructor will be able to spot errors in form or movement and guide you to correct it. The purpose of the exercises are explained in detail and the exercises are demonstrated by the instructor.  There are a wide range of abilities in each class and no one is made to feel uncomfortable if they cannot keep up with certain the pace of certain exercises BUT the instructors WILL encourage to try and give just a little more effort when you think you are “done” and you will find the strength to give a little bit more.

Lisa R.

Los Angeles, CA   3/13/2017

If you want a complete, comprehensive, fitness experience TRU FIT is where you’ll find it!  I came here as a former CrossFit member and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I LOVE it!  It has workouts for every individual.   The coaches are so much fun and motivating!  Ditanyon invests so much time and energy in helping everyone realize their full potential in fitness and overall well-being.  The nutritional challenges can really give you amazing results too!  Stop by and check it out for yourself!

Doris M

Los Angeles, CA  7/9/2017

I absolutely love this place. I’ve been coming here for two years now and every day I leave feeling empowered and a better me. The trainers do an amazing job of constantly giving us new workouts that are both challenging and fun. The atmosphere is also amazing. Everyone wants you to get better. They push & motivate you; they cheer you on to get to the next level. I’ve been able to reach my fitness goals thanks to  Ditanyons’s great nutritional advice as well as the amazing work that he puts into every single workout. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. It doesn’t matter what level you’re in, they will get you to the level that you know you can be.

Rey C.

Van Nuys, CA   8/23/2016

This is the best gym I’ve ever been joined.  Yes there are plenty of other gyms out there and they all have weights in them but it is the kick your ass trainers,  positive vibes and the incredibly, supportive community of members that make this place truly above the rest and unique! Ditanyon Michael, Sanam and the rest of the team are freakin amazing!

Eileen A.

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA   8/23/2016

This place ROCKS, not your typical Bootcamp/Gym. When you join TRU FIT you are adopting a new family full of motivated, inspiring individuals.  Ditanyon is always looking for new ways to challenge us, inspire us, and teach us to love ourselves and our bodies. We are constantly getting tips on Nutrition, mental wellness and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. My workouts at TRU FIT are never boring. I love you guys and you are stuck with me for Ever and Ever.