TRU FIT BOOTCAMP is an all-inclusive strength and conditioning program (mental, nutritional and physical).  It’s a systematized fitness program developed to help you change your life. TRU FIT is built to help you lose weight, increase your performance and boost your self image.

This program is tailored to YOUR individual goals and educates you on exercise and nutrition, so you can make smarter decisions outside of the gym. TRU FIT BOOTCAMP challenges you mentally and physically. Most importantly, TRU FIT guides and supports you into becoming the best version of yourself.

TRU FIT BOOTCAMP has three primary elements:

•       Mental fitness. From the moment you sign up, we are assessing your mental needs. You have to be mentally committed to achieving your fitness goals otherwise you will live a continuous start and stop cycle of dieting and exercising.

•       Nutrition. At day one, we provide you with a meal plan, nutritional tips and a list of approved foods.  You have to be willing to make the nutritional changes or the hard work you put in to the gym will never be seen.

•       The workout. This blends all three elements. TRU FIT BOOTCAMP workouts are meant to challenge your body and mind. In addition, if your nutrition is off you, will immediately feel it in your energy output during a workout.