TRU FIT Formulas

Kettlebelltest2Formula 104 Burn & Build Level 1  (30-minute classes)
These training sessions are low-impact and are about building your core, cardiovascular system and endurance. They consist mostly of body weight exercises done “TRU FIT” style and are great for elevated fat loss.


Formula 208 Muscle Metabolic Level 2 (60-minutes classes)
These training sessions involve strength training and teach you the basic techniques for weightlifting.

Formula 338 Power and Performance Level 3 (60-minute classes) Kettlebelltest2
If you’re looking to improve your overall performance, strength and physique, this is it. In the Formula 338 class, we combine all three levels together to give you the ultimate full-body workout with high intensity strength and power training. This program will improve your overall body composition and has a increased emphasis on making you stronger.