Power & Performance

Class Details This workout consists of a focuses on strength, gymnastics, skills and techniques for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. CLASS NAME Power & Performance DURATION 60 Minutes WORKOUT TYPE High-intensity Interval Training/Weightlifting POWER & PERFORMANCE: 60 MINUTES Clients who have tested out of Burn & Build and into Power & Performance will focus on strength […]

Burn & Build

CLASS DETAILS This workout consists of body weight and cardio-based exercises, Plyometric, dumbbell and some barbell movements. CLASS NAME Burn & Build DURATION 45 Minutes WORKOUT TYPE High-intensity Interval Training BURN & BUILD: 45 MINUTES Burn & Build is our starter program. It is low-impact and is about building your core, cardiovascular system and endurance. […]

Muscle Metabolic

Class Details You can expect to target specific muscle groups and energy systems that will boost your fat burn and build muscle. CLASS NAME Muscle Metabolic DURATION 60 Minutes WORKOUT TYPE Cardio/Endurance MUSCLE METABOLIC: 60 MINUTES There is no muscle left behind with these action-packed training sessions. A perfect combination of resistance training, cardio and […]