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Which Level are YOU?

Kettlebelltest2Formula 104 Burn & Build   (30 Minutes) Level 1 

These training sessions are low-impact and all about building your core, cardiovascular IMG_0054system and endurance. These training sessions consist mostly of body weight exercises done “Tru Fit Style” Great for those seeking elevated fat loss.




Formula 208 Muscle Metabolic (60 min sessions) Level 2

These training sessions involve more strength training and teach you the basic techniques for the Weight lifting done in the Tru Fit Formula 208 and 338  Training sessions.



Formula 338 Power and Performance (60 minute training session) Level 3Kettlebelltest2

If you’re looking to improve you overall performance, strength and physique this is it. In the Formula 338 class Combining all three levels together to give you the ultimate full body workout. It is high intensity strength and power training. This program will improve your overall body composition but has a increased emphasis on making your stronger and the great thing about Tru Fit training sessions is that all three levels can hold their own in transforming someone’s mind and body. In fact many Boot campers have joined and lost over 50 lbs in just the Formula 104 classes alone.


TRU FIT Bootcamp is an all-inclusive Strength and Conditioning Program (Mental, Nutritional, and Physical).  It’s a Systematized Fitness Program developed to help you change your life. TRU FIT is built to help you lose weight increase your performance and boost your self image.

I have developed a program that is tailored to YOUR individual goals and needs. My program educates you on exercise and nutrition so you can make smarter decisions outside of the gym. TRU FIT Boot Camp challenges you mentally and physically. Most important, TRU FIT  guides and supports people into becoming the

Best versions of themselves!

TRU FIT Bootcamp has 3 primary elements.

•       Mental fitness. From the moment you sign up for your 4 week trial we are assessing your mental needs. You have to be mentally committed to achieving your fitness goals otherwise you will live a continuous start and stop cycle of dieting and exercising.

•       Nutrition. At day one we provide you with a meal plan, nutritional tips, and a list of approved foods.  “You can’t out work a bad diet” You have to be willing to make the nutritional changes or the hard work you put in to the gym will never be seen.

•       The workout. This blends all three elements. Tru Fit Bootcamp workouts are meant to challenge your body and mind. In addition, if your nutrition is off you will immediately feel it in your energy output during a workout.

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